ILLEGAL ALIEN With Violent Criminal Past Stabs Texas Woman To Death

On New Year’s Eve, Lauren Bump, 24, was stabbed to death in Schnabel Park in San Antonio, TX.  Illegal alien, Christian Ivan Bautista, 29 was later arrested for the murder. Bautista’s roommate told police that he saw Bautista carrying a knife that day and when he asked about the knife Bautista told him he had “stuck” Bump and “cut her up” before disposing of the weapon. Bautista’s was later found and arrested at the same park after trying to approach another woman.

Bautista was just released from prison for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon on October 29, 2013 with no restrictions.  He was released after a five year sentence for the 2008 conviction, his release did not fall under the guidelines for parole or community supervision.  Bautista has an extensive criminal history including illegal entry into the United States.

KENS5 San Antonio reported:


Bump, 24, was found on New Year’s Eve in O.P. Schnabel park stabbed to death. Bautista was arrested Jan. 4 and charged with her death.

Bautista’s criminal history includes two arrests in Claremont, California, followed by an arrest in Travis County.

His criminal history in Bexar County includes eight different instances.

The 29-year-old was arrested for drug possession in 2006 and a few weeks later was charged with illegal entry, according to county records.

Illegal entry is a charge typically reserved for people who enter the United States Illegally.

A spokeswoman with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said “ICE has no immigration enforcement jurisdiction with this individual.”

Sources within the same department conceded that Bautista’s immigration status has been “up in the air” in the past. It is unclear how long he was in ICE’s custody.

State records obtained by the I-Team revealed Bautista finished a five-year sentence for aggravated robbery in October and was released from state custody October 29, a little more than two months before Bump was murdered.

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