Fundraising: Greg Abbott TROUNCES ‘Abortion Barbie’ Wendy Davis

The latest fundraising figures for the Texas gubernatorial candidates were released this week and Republican Greg Abbott is trouncing “abortion barbie” Wendy Davis, who believes late term abortion is sacred.

Flashback: Davis supporters hail Satan.

abbott davis


Abbott collected $11.5 million to Davis’s $8.5 million in donations.
WILLisms reported:

A couple of interesting things to note here.

1) Wendy Davis’ fundraising momentum apparently slowed down after she declared for Governor. She raised more in her Texas Senate officeholder account (likely overwhelmingly in early July, but we’ll see) than in her gubernatorial account.

2) For months, we’ve been hearing how Wendy Davis is going to raise $10+ million dollars in the second half of 2013. She raised $8.7. A big fail.

Oddly, though, Wendy Davis’ campaign performed a bit of fuzzy math plastic surgery and added $3.5 million from an additional, separate committee (Texas Victory Committee, Inc., which is apparently an offshoot of the Obama-affiliated Battleground Texas) to the mix. And most journalists just let her get away with it. Someestablishment media outlets even declared Davis the winner. Fox News– inexplicably– reported $12.5 million for Davis, which makes absolutely no sense. Even some Texas media figures, who should know better, promoted the bogus notion that Davis “won” the fundraising period.

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