EPIC TAKEDOWN… Kennedy Thrashes Lib Crank for Floating Famously Unfounded Tea Party Smear

Lib Talk – Watch this devastating epic takedown of a #progressive race baiter!

It’s hard to believe but there are still dishonest progressives out there peddling the provably false race libel against the Tea Party regarding epithets being hurled at black lawmakers the day they passed the now failing Obamacare law.

The latest example happened on the set of Kennedy’s new show The Independents, and that was a mistake for the libeler. Kennedy wasn’t having any of it:

On The Independents Monday, Michael Skolnik, political director of Russell Simmons (you read that right), attempted to defend Obama’s abuse of executive orders by blaming racist obstructionism in Congress. When Skolnik cited as proof the claim by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) that Tea Partiers hurled racial slurs at him and Rep. Andre Carson  (D-IN)—a claim Andrew Breitbart famously disproved—Kennedy et al called him out on the “unfounded” and “dangerous” accusation. [more…]

Kennedy’s response to Skolnik invoking this lie in an attempt to win an argument: “Have you lost your mind our are you giving up? You’re either mentally ill or a defeatist”  Kennedy goes on to say, “Did you see Hating Breitbart? Did you see the 75 people who had video going at that exact moment and didn’t hear anything? Stop saying that. It’s unfounded and it’s dangerous.”

FLASHBACK: Breitbart “Put your cameras up in the air! Look at that Mainstream media, you bullshit artists!”

Thank you to Kennedy for remembering Andrew Breitbart’s brilliant work refuting the racist libel against the Tea Party.

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