DISASTER… Uninsured Opposition to ObamaCare Skyrockets

Nearly 50% of Uninsured Voters Now Oppose Obamacare–

Maybe because it’s unaffordable.


A new poll out this morning from Kaiser contains a revealing statistic that should cause Democrats to grow more anxious this election year.


47% of uninsured Americans now say they oppose the law. That percentage has increased by a shocking 11-points since December. Just 24% support ObamaCare.

So how is it that ObamaCare is now in full swing, and disapproval is skyrocketing up?

Perhaps the stories of families realizing that their ObamaCare plans carry insanely high deductibles, higher premiums, and cheapened access to your doctor are not just ‘anecdotes’ as Democrats like to hope.

UPDATE: Obamacare favorability rating down a net 46 points since time of passage — among uninsured

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