BUSTED! Rachel Maddow & MSNBC Caught In Embarrassing Lie – Refuse To Correct

Rachel Maddow busted lying about the Koch brothers! (via Instapundit)

Maddow doesn’t support laws mandating drug testing for welfare recipients and she recently ran a segment attacking the Koch brothers for supporting such laws in Florida.

Only problem for Maddow and her progressive followers is that the Kochs are not involved with this law in Florida. They don’t support the group Maddow insists they support. Her entire vicious report is based on a demonstratively false premise.

Predictably instead of being a responsible woman of integrity, Rachel Maddow is refusing to correct her story.

Unfortunately for Rachel Maddow, her claims against the Kochs are so blatantly false even the Washington Post is calling Rachel Maddow out:

The Kochs’ extensive reach notwithstanding, they cannot be connected to everything.Tarren Bragdon, the chief executive officer of the FGA, tells the Erik Wemple Blog that his organization “did not work with the Kochs on the Florida drug-testing issue. To the best of my knowledge, they were not involved at all.” The Kochs’ general counsel, Holden, is a bit more definitive: “Right hand to God, we were not involved.”

A Nexis search seeking coverage of Koch involvement in the 2011 welfare-drug-testing debate in the months prior to the law’s passage comes up limp

Representatives of the Florida Justice Institute and the state’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union each told the Erik Wemple Blog that they encountered no evidence of the Koch brothers among the law’s champions. “This is the first I’ve ever heard of the Koch brothers being involved. You got me,” says Randall Berg, executive director of the Florida Justice Institute, a group that, along with the ACLU, successfully challenged the law in federal court.

The Koch’s are rightfully upset and they’re demanding Maddow read the following on air:

“During last night’s show, I was wrong when I stated that Koch Industries, Charles Koch, and David Koch were involved in the Florida law concerning drug testing for welfare recipients. That was not a true statement. Contrary to what I said last night, Koch was not involved with these issues and did not work with the Florida Foundation for Government Accountability on these issues. I apologize for this misstatement of fact and regret it.”

Maddow refused to read that statement, or to correct the record in any way (see video above).

“I will not read scripts provided to me by anyone else. I do not play requests.”

Maddow’s defense is to claim that the Koch’s fund a vast right wing conspiracy of groups and the group she’s talking about in her story receives funding from groups in the Koch conspiracy network.

In other words, she went off the rails and it’s pretty entertaining to watch.

Side note: My personal favorite part of the Washington Post’s hilariously embarrassing Maddow take-down:

Attempts to get comment from MSNBC were unsuccessful.

(Disclosure: Maddow is a monthly Post columnist).

Keep up the “journalism” there WAPO!

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