AWFUL… Republican Peter King: Rand Paul Lies – ‘Doesn’t Deserve to Be in US Senate’ (Video)

Pregressive Republican Peter King (R-NY) went off on Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) again on FOX News today. The New York Republican accused Rand Paul of “lies” and “misperception” :

“So Rand Paul does not know what he’s talking about. And, Rand Paul is really spreading fear among the American people. And, he also today, I understand on the show, he was also was comparing General Clapper to Snowden. To me, he’s either totally uninformed or he’s part of that hate America crowd that I thought left us in the 1960s. In any event, he doesn’t deserve to be in the United States senate for spreading that type of misperception and absolute lies to be honest with you.

Who needs a Democrat Party when we have progressives like loudmouth Peter King bashing his fellow Republicans… once again.

So Peter King thinks the “hate America crowd” left us in the 1960s?
Where has he been?

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