Armed Bystander Stops Mass Shooting at Oregon Strip Club – Media Silent (Video)

An armed patron stopped a mass shooter in his tracks at a Portland strip club.
The shooter was quickly shot and disabled after he started shooting inside the club.
KGW reported:

Of course, the story did not fit the liberal media narrative so it did not make many headlines.
Guns Save Lives reported:

Here we have yet another example of an armed individual stopping a mass shooter. Surprisingly, this happened in one of the hipster capitols of the US, Portland, OR.

According to KGW, a man entered the Mystic Gentleman’s Club in Portland, OR and opened fire.

Three people, including a security guard were hit by gunfire. It’s entirely possible that far more people could have been shot, however the shooter did not suspect that he would encounter an armed citizen.

An armed bystander drew a firearm and opened fire on the gunman, hitting and disabling him.

Hat Tip Mara

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