Unreal… Obama Blames Media for Trying to ‘Divide & Splinter’ Us (Video)

Words fail…
Divider-in-Chief, Barack Obama, the most radical far left president in US history, the man who rammed through his health care redistribution scheme without a single Republican vote, the man whose campaign ran Mitt Romney killer ads, the man who lied 36 times to the American people about keeping their insurance plans… blamed the media tonight for dividing the American people.
Mediaite reported:

As President Obama wrapped up his conversation with Chris Matthews at American University, he took a swipe at the partisan media for dividing the country and making compromise more difficult.

Obama said being the Commander-in-Chief for so long “makes you humbler, as opposed to cockier,” and compared himself to Sisyphus, rolling the boulder up the hill for eternity with little success.

He spoke of how enthusiastic young people encourage him and give him confidence, only for the media to take that enthusiasm and use it to divide people.

“The American people are good and they are decent, and yes, sometimes we get very divided, partly because our politics and our media specifically tries to divide them and splinter them.”

It’s not the first time he blamed the media for America’s problems.

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