Radical Feminist Mob Storms Catholic Cathedral – Hangs Abortion Banner From Altar

The only thing sacred is their abortion.
feminist abortion banner
A radical feminist mob stormed the Catholic Cathedral in Bologna, Italy and hung their abortion banner on the altar.

Life News reported:

Pro-abortion feminists are not happy that the European Parliament rejected a bill that would have called abortion a human right. In response, in protest, they invaded a local Catholic church in Italy and unfurled a pro-abortion banner on the church’s altar.

“A group of pro-abortion feminists have invaded the Catholic cathedral in Bologna, Italy, to protest against the rejection by the European Parliament of the pro-abortion Estrela report,” says John Smeaton, the head of the British pro-life group Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. “The protesters unfurled a pro-abortion banner in front of the cathedral’s sanctuary. Cardinal Carlo Caffara, Bologna’s archbishop, had called upon the European Parliament to reject the Estrela report.”
A Catholic blog has more on what happened:

A group of militant feminists profaned the Cathedral of San Petronio in Bologna this past Monday. Masked with hoods that recall the extreme left-wing Russian Anarchists, abortion and aberrosexual activists protested against the rejection of the Estrela Report by the European Parliament. Before the altar, the Church opponents unfurled a banner reading: “You Occupy the Counseling Centers – We Fill the Churches” and shouted in chorus: “Get the Church Out of Our Ovaries.”

The radical feminist group unloaded their protest by desecration of the Diocesan Cathedral Church of Bologna. It blames the Church for the rejection of the Estrela Report. The Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra had asked the MPs ahead of the vote in the European Parliament to vote no.

Claiming that a ban on abortion is misogynistic because women will die from illegal abortions conducted in back rooms is part of the standard repertoire of the abortion lobby, which has long since been debunked as a propaganda lie. Recently, the militant attacks of fanatical supporters of abortion on Catholic churches accumulate.

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