Paging Uncle Dennis: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Executes His “Traitor” Uncle Jang

rodman un

Uncle Dennis Rodman might want to be careful while he’s in North Korea drawing a paycheck from his best buddy Kim.

Earlier this week Kim Jong Un had his uncle frog marched out of his seat in front of the rest of  the government in a move not seen since the days of Saddam Hussein, formerly the socialist leader of Iraq.

Now the North Koreans are proudly announcing that they have executed the “traitor.” No worries though. He was “Worse than a dog!”

Kim Jong Un’s uncle has been executed, with North Korean state media calling the leader’s former mentor ‘worse than a dog’.

The state news agency KCNA said a tribunal examined Mr Jang’s crimes, including ‘attempting to overthrow the state by all sorts of intrigues and despicable methods with a wild ambition to grab the supreme power of our party and state.’

And now the dirty dead traitor is being disappeared from official media:

Ain’t socialism grand!


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