Obamacare Website Still Broke: Won’t Work in Safari Browser

obamacare down moment

It’s just a glitch.
Apparently, the Obamacare website won’t run in the Safari browser in Spain.
This came in the email:


I’m a great fan of your website and a daily visitor.

Not sure if this is a valid tip or not. I am living in Spain and do have ongoing US health insurance. Out of curiosity, however, I wanted to see how badly screwed up ‘www.healthcare.gov’ really was. Over the past 10 days, I have tried to log in at least 50 times, but I always get a message that ´Safari can´t open the page….because Safari can´t connect to the server’. Is it conceivable that the site will not work for someone using a Spanish (foreign) server? That sounds crazy, but after what I’ve read about the problems, nothing seems out of the realm of possibilities. I´d be curious if you have heard about this issue from anyone else.

David B.

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