Name Them and Shame Them: 13 Democrats Who Knew You’d Lose Your Health Insurance But Promised You Could Keep It

On February 25, 2010 Barack President Obama admitted to leaders of Congress that 8 or 9 million Americans will lose their health care plan due to Obamacare. Then, after that meeting, Barack Obama went out and promised the American people 17 times they could keep their insurance if they liked their insurance.
It was a lie.

In fact, even the liberal media admitted it was the Lie of the Year.

But, Barack Obama was not alone. 13 Democrats up for reelection also knew you would lose your plan but lied about it.
From the NRSC:


The Obamacare rollout debacle has been way more than a broken website. Millions of Americans are set to lose their health insurance – whether they liked their plan or not. A direct contradiction to President Obama and Democrat’s promise.

Last night NBC News reported that that the “Obama Administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance” but still campaigned across the country promising Americans otherwise.

President Obama was able to postpone the implementation of Obamacare until after he secured re-election. But for Democrats up for re-election in 2014, their less than honest claim to their constituents will now be front and center next November.

Here are the names of 13 Democrats that KNEW you were going to lose your plan, and deliberately lied about it.

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