MSNBC Crank Joy Reid: Knockout Game Most Overrated Story of Year (It’s Just Whitey)

In April 2011 an elderly St. Louis man was attacked by a mob of black youths playing “the knock out game” while walking home from the grocery store with his wife. They killed him.

In June 2011 a group of black youths beat a gay man bloody playing “the knock out game.”

In August 2011 black teen mobs targeted St. Louis cyclists in the knock out game.

In September 2011, a 73-year-old St. Louis man was knocked unconscious just outside of Tower Grove Park.

One local teen claims to have knocked out over 300 people in the “game.”

There have been dozens of black-on-white knockout attacks in the past few years across the nation.

But, the left pretends it’s not happening.
Today MSNBC contributor Joy Reid said the Knockout Game was the most “overrated” story of the year.
Because when whitey gets a beatdown – It’s a non-story.

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