Michigan Teamsters Invoke Slavery in Argument Against Right-to-Work Law


Oh brother.
Michigan Teamsters Local 214 invoked a provision that bans slavery in their argument against right-to-work.
Michigan CapCon reported:

A Michigan union invoked the provision of the state constitution that bans slavery in their argument against right-to-work, court documents show.

Teamsters Local No. 214  stated Dec. 6 that right-to-work was “a violation of the prohibitions against involuntary servitude” because members of the union had to work against their will on behalf of non-union members. The union then referred to Article I, Section 9 of the state constitution, which states: “Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude unless for the punishment of crime, shall ever be tolerated in this state.”

The claim was made in response to a lawsuit filed by four city of Dearborn employees who were going to be charged $150 by the union for any grievance they filed after they left the union when they exercised their rights under state law.

Officials from Teamsters Local No. 214 didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Maybe MSNBC will suggest someone sh*t in their mouths, too?

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