Marine’s Career In Jeopardy After Exposing Child Rapist Linked To Taliban (Video)

It’s an Obama world…
During the summer of 2012 Major Jason Brezler warned officials about the presence of a child rapist linked to the Taliban.

Now Maj. Brezler is facing possible discharge for exposing the potential threat.
CNN reported:

Jason Brezler is an elite New York firefighter. He is also a highly decorated officer in the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve, who has served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So why is Maj. Brezler facing possible discharge on less than honorable terms after serving 13 years with the Marines?

He is accused of mishandling classified information and faces an investigation that could determine his future…

…During summer 2012, Brezler was attending graduate courses in Oklahoma when he received an e-mail from Marine officers in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, a deeply troubled area where Brezler had been deployed in 2009-2010.

“The subject line of the e-mail he received said in all capital letters with three exclamation marks ‘IMPORTANT: SARWAR JAN IS BACK,’” said Carroll.

Brezler had history with Jan, an Afghan police commander who had been active in Helmand province.

“When Jason was serving in Afghanistan in 2010, he caused Sarwar Jan, a police official, to be fired from that position because he was raping children,” Carroll said.

Despite repeated efforts by CNN’s bureau in Kabul, Jan could not be found to comment for this report.

Carroll said “within minutes” Brezler wrote his colleagues back at Forward Operating Base Delhi in Afghanistan, with a warning about Jan. He attached to the e-mail a classified document that included allegations about Jan, claiming he had ties to the Taliban.

“Jason immediately responded with everything he knew, including some extraordinarily derogatory information he knew about this man indicating that he was a threat not only to local children but to Marines,” Carroll said. “When the Marines in Afghanistan wrote back saying that some of that information might have been classified, (Brezler) immediately turned himself in.”

In retrospect, some observers believe this was a breach of security that could have saved lives.

On August 10, 2013, less than two weeks after Brezler’s warning, three Marines were shot to death in the gym at FOB Delhi. Their names were Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson, Cpl. Richard Rivera and Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley.

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