London Islamists Threaten Shop Owners With 40 Lashes for Selling Alcohol (Video)

islamists protest london

Muslim protestors led by Islamist Anjem Choudary demanded restaurants and shops stop selling ‘evil’ alcohol in Whitechapel. The Islamists threatened the shop owners with 40 lashes if they continued the practice.
Not everyone agreed with their protest.

The Times reported:

Scores of Islamic protesters joined one of Britain’s most controversial preachers yesterday to demand that restaurants and shops stop selling alcohol in a popular area of London.

Business owners in Brick Lane in Whitechapel, on the edge of the City, were warned that they faced 40 lashes if they continued to sell alcoholic products. The area is renowned as a location for office Christmas parties.

The protesters, including Anjem Choudary, the former leader of the Al-Muhajiroun group which was banned under terrorism laws, delivered warning letters to Muslim-owned businesses.

“The shops are run by Muslims and they know they are selling alcohol and they know the sale and consumption of alcohol is completely prohibited,” he said. “We cannot live among the non-Muslims and see this evil take place.”

Mizanur Rahman, organiser of the protest, said it had urged business owners to stop selling alcohol in breach of Muslim laws.

Mr Rahman said: “We want Sharia law to be enforced in Britain,” before adding that many of the Muslim owners had been “embarrassed and ashamed” when confronted about their alcohol sales, but had argued that it was an economic necessity.

More photos from the rally here.

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