Latest Poll: DeMint Would Destroy Lindsey Graham in a GOP Primary Battle

graham demint
Jim DeMint would handily defeat Senator Shamnesty Graham if he decided to run. (Politico photo)

A new poll shows Senator Lindsey Graham would lose to former Senator Jim DeMint if Demint decided to jump into the senate race this year.
Human Events reported:

There is great volatility for Republican Sen. Lindsey O. Graham heading into the 2014 primary election, according to a Human Events/Gravis poll of 601 registered South Carolina voters, who had voted in a GOP primary in the previous four years.

“There is a significant bloc of undecided voters among South Carolina Republicans, who are not committed to Senator Graham,” said Doug Kaplan, the president of Florida-based Gravis Marketing.

“Asked if they would support a Tea Party candidate in the primary againstGraham, 39 percent responded: Yes, 37 percent responded: No and 27 percent were undecided,” Kaplan said.

Put head-to-head, Graham against former senator James W. DeMint, 47 percent supported DeMint, 36 percent Graham and 17 percent were undecided, he said. DeMint resigned from the Senate to take the helm of the Washington-based Heritage Foundation.

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