Howard Dean: Obama Won’t Be Blamed If People Can’t See Their Doctor

Barack Obama repeatedly promised Americans “if you liked your doctor or health care plan you could keep it” in the run-up to the 2012 election.

It was a lie.
Millions of Americans are losing their plans and access to their doctors.

Today on FOX News Sunday former DNC Chair Howard Dean said the Obama administration won’t be blamed if people can’t see their doctor.
The Washington Times reported:

When Obamacare policies go into effect Jan. 1, some Americans may be surprised to learn that their favored doctors or specialists aren’t covered under new plans.

But supporters of the health-care reform law argue that the blame for that won’t rest with the Obama administration.

“Remember, this is the insurance industry that’s running this and the insurance industry always squeezes costs by eliminating possibilities of seeing people,” said former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” Mr. Dean is also the former head of the Democratic National Committee.

“I don’t think, for the most part, that the Obama people get the blame for this,” Mr. Dean added.

Good luck with that, Howard.

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