GRADE SCHOOL KIDS Play “Knockout” – Smack Peoria Man in Head (Video)

Not only is the “knock out” game spreading across the nation… But now grade school kids are getting in on the “fun.”
A group of grade schoolers attacked a Peoria man on the street this week.

CI New Now reported:

A violent game is trending nationwide –even grade school students are playing. It is called the “Knock Out” game. The goal is to knock someone out — with a single blow. Generally, the victims are unsuspecting –waiting at bus stop or just walking down the street. There have been hundreds of cases nationwide, and police say it has now happened in Peoria.

Daniel Wilson says he was walking home last night from the bus stop on Harrison. When he got to Folkers Avenue across from trewyn middle school, he was blindsighted by two attackers.

Luckily for Wilson, a nearby youth program officer, an ELITE officer, Bill Cannon, was able to identify the attackers.

The victim says he’s shocked at who they were.

“I never thought in a million years that gradeschool students would try to knock me out,” said Wilson.

Hat Tip Mara

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