Glenn Beck Makes Exciting Offer to Duck Dynasty to Switch Networks

duck the halls
Duck Dynasty’s Christmas album sold more copies this last that Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

One day after Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson was fired by A&E, the family already has offers. Glenn Beck invited the entire family to move their show to his network.
The Blaze reported:

“Duck Dynasty on TheBlaze” has a nice ring to it, according to Glenn Beck.

One day after Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality earned him an indefinite suspension from the hit series “Duck Dynasty” on A&E, Beck offered the entire Robertson family a place on his own network.

“[All the other networks] will fold to pressure,” he said. “They will all fold to sponsors. They will all fold to money because they are all in over their eyeballs are debt … the only reason why Phil was put on hiatus and not the rest is because it is a money-printing machine.”

Beck said as he sees it, the Robertson family has a choice to make.

The Duck Dynasty premiere this year became the number one rated non-fiction telecast in cable history.

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