Georgia Veterans Hospital Bans Christmas Carolers From Singing Religious Songs

christmas carolers

Silent Night Silenced – Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center bans religious songs.
A Georgia VA Medical Center banned Christmas carolers this year from singing religious songs.
CBS Local reported:

An Augusta hospital has adopted a new policy banning Christmas carolers from singing religious songs in public patient areas.

The Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center announced the new policy Monday according to the Athens-Banner Herald.

“Military service veterans, male and female, represent people of all faiths,” hospital spokesman Brian Rothwell said in a statement according to Athens-Banner Herald. “It is out of respect for every faith that The Veterans Administration gives clear guidance on what ‘spiritual care’ is to be given and who is to give it.”

A group of high school students from Augusta’s Alleluia Community School were prevented from singing traditional holiday songs that honor and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ to veterans by the medical center last week.

The school principal, Dan Funsch, told the newspaper that he was disappointed that the Veterans Affairs hospital’s “spiritual care” grants holiday exemption only to secular characters that make up the 12 Days of Christmas.

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