Figures. It Took Republican George W. Bush to Take Mandela Off Terrorist Watch List

bush mandela white house
President George W. Bush and former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa meet in the Oval Office Tuesday, May 17, 2005. (White House photo by Eric Draper)

Once again, it took a Republican president to correct the evils of this cruel world.
President George W. Bush took Nelson Mandela off the US terrorism list in 2008.
CNN reported:

Former South African President Nelson Mandela is to be removed from a U.S. terrorism watch list under a bill President Bush signed Tuesday.

Mandela and other members of the African National Congress have been on the list because of their fight against South Africa’s apartheid regime, which gave way to majority rule in 1994.

Apartheid was the nation’s system of legalized racial segregation that was enforced by the National Party government between 1948 and 1994.

The bill gives the State Department and the Homeland Security Department the authority to waive restrictions against ANC members.

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