FAST FOOD FIZZLE… SEIU Rent-a-Mob Goon Show an Epic Failure

SEIU Rent-a-Mob protests fizzle on Fast Food Thursday–

Epic Progressive Fail!

Today, SEIU launched its latest in a series of protests aimed at unionizing the fast food industry called #FightFor15. As the name implies, they want to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, but more importantly they want to unionize the workforce and line their pockets with member dues.

The protests, which were largely made up of SEIU members, unpaid interns, and paid unemployed people, failed to attract meaningful authentic protester numbers in any of their locations.

The SEIU did however succeed in inspiring a backlash in the Twittersphere, leading to the creating of two hashtags #FastFoodThursday and #EatFast.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for re-tweeting that and creating a lot of awareness in the community. Full disclosure, I’m the author of the above tweet, and my idea was brilliant. Of course, it was even more brilliant when @TonyKatz thought of it days earlier:

Fast Food Thursday, Because Big Labor Bullies Need A Beatdown

Thursday is a good day to treat yourself to some fast food. Fill the drive-thrus. And be patient. Some fools will actually strike, and things may run a little slower than normal. For those who don’t strike, and don’t give in to Big Labor’s bullying tactics, say thank you. And, if you can, offer them a job. Because they’re the one who understand hard work, and are working to create their opportunities.

And while the SEIU protests have largely fizzled out for the day, the counter protest boycott is still going strong and @TwitchyTeam is all over it!


This is all driving the Left crazy. They don’t like it when people crash their narrative and expose their social pogrom.

One Progressive went so far as to wish death on Dana Loesch for daring to support an opposing view on the subject.

Dana posted the following:

All this patriotic dissent is just too much for the Progressive heart to take:



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