Far Left Anti-Israel Marquette Professor Accused of Political Bullying

cainkar anti jew
Professor Cainkar won the CAIR-Chicago Award for Courage in Scholarship in 2010. She’s been spewing her garbage for a long time.

Recent reports have surfaced of political bullying by Marquette University professor Louise Cainkar, professor of Sociology. The longtime teacher is anti-Israel, anti-Republican and frequently lambasts the Tea Party movement.
Wisconsin Free reported:

Prof. Cainkar is a well-noted and longtime teacher at the University and is an accomplished author. According to the University website, her specialty is in Muslim-Americans and sociological patterns in the middle east. Her recent award-winning book, “Homeland Insecurity: The Arab American and Muslim American Experience after 9/11” (2009, Russell Sage Foundation) draws upon extensive field work and ethnographic interviews while engaging a range of sociological theories and multi-disciplinary perspectives.

Cainkar’s course work calls for abolishing the state of Israel, openly criticizes Republicans and repeatedly gives material that lambasts “state Tea Party Movements,” and refers to “the Right” as negative influences. Cainkar’s courses are voluntary, but cover topics regarding Muslim-Americans, their treatment after the 9/11 attacks, and how to integrate their community into the American way of life.

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