Egyptian Taxi Driver Runs Over Muslim Brotherhood Protester in Street – Throat Quickly Slit

taxi on fire
Muslim Brotherhood members torch a taxi in Egypt after lynching the driver. (BBC)

An Egyptian cab driver was quickly murdered, his throat slit, after he ran over a Muslim Brotherhood protester in Egypt’s Nile Delta. The MB mob also torched his car.
The UPI reported, via Religion of Peace:

Muslim Brotherhood supporters slit the throat of a taxi driver after he allegedly ran over a female protester Monday in Egypt’s Nile Delta, officials said.

The taxi driver demanded protesters demonstrating in Dagahliya move and allow him to drive through. When they refused, he allegedly ran over a female protester, Ahram Online reported Tuesday. The raging mob attacked the taxi driver and slit his throat, killing him, and then torched his car, the Egyptian website said.

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