Another ‘Knockout’ Attack Reported on Jewish Woman in Brooklyn

knock out game
Another knockout attack in Brooklyn

A 33 year-old woman in Midwood became the latest victim of a “knockout game” assault in Brooklyn.
JP Updates reported:

A woman walking along a Brooklyn street Saturday became the latest apparent victim of the sick “knockout game.” The 33-year-old was walking down the block with her 7-year-old daughter when she was ambushed in front of 1212 Elm Street in Midwood by a Black male in his thirties.

The victim was taken to Maimonides Medical Center by EMS where she was treated for minor injuries and later released.

the NYPD’s 70th precinct hate crime task force is investigating, no arrests have been made in the assault. police gave the description of the perpetrator as a Male, Black, 6 ft. tall, with dreadlocks, green jacket, black hat, and black book bag.

Cops said the violence was similar to previous knockout attacks, noting that nothing had been stolen from the victim.

Police recently arrested four children, including a 14 year-old girl and two 11 year-olds, in connection with a string of alleged “knockout game” attacks in Brooklyn.

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