ABSURD… Kissing Six Year-Old Suspended for Sexual Harassment (Video)

This was insane.
Six year-old Hunter got suspended for sexual harassment at school for kissing a classmate on the hand.

KLTV reported:

A six-year-old boy kissed a classmate and got suspended for sexual harassment. Now his mom is fighting to get the incident removed from his school record.

“It was during class yeah,” Hunter said. “We were doing reading group. And I leaned over and kissed her on the hand. That’s what happened.”

For that, six-year-old Hunter is at home instead of at school.

“I did something wrong,” Hunter said. “They sent me to the office, fair and square. I feel sorry. I’m trying to be good at school.”

“She was fine with it; they are “boyfriend and girlfriend”, Hunter’s mother, Jennifer said. “The other children saw it and went to the music teacher. That was the day I had the meeting with the principal, where she first said sexual harassment. This is taking it to an extreme that doesn’t need to be met with a six-year-old. Now my son is asking questions; what is sex mommy? It should not ever be said, sex, in a sentence with a six-year-old.”

Both Hunter and his mom admit that he’s had some trouble at school in the past. He’s been suspended for roughhousing and for kissing the same girl on the cheek.

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