Wow! Just Wow!… Obama Warns GOP: “A Price to Pay” for Defying “the American People”

Barack Obama promised Americans 29 times “you can keep your health care” once Obamacare was law.

So far over 4.2 million Americans have lost their health insurance due to Obamacare. That’s more than the population of 26 states.
obamacare 2 million
That number is likely to climb to 52 million.

So it was a bit shocking to hear this same president warn Republicans last night there was “a price to pay” for defying “the American people.”
Let’s hope he’s right.
White House Dossier reported:


The only way we can continue to place pressure to get that bill done is by making sure that the other side — or at least that small faction on the other side — understands there’s a price to pay when you don’t act on the basis of the interests of the American people. And so that’s something that I hope we can still get done by the end of this year.

This is typical Obama. Conservatives – forget for a moment he’s supposed to be their president too – are just a faction of heartless bastards who hate the “American values” Obama thinks he represents.

What’s more, they have no principles, and are mainly trying to stick it to Obama:

And right now, it’s being held up. It’s being held up not because it’s not a good idea. The majority of the American people support it. It’s being held up because there’s a small faction in the other party that has decided we don’t want to do anything and our main goal is obstruction.

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