White Afrikaner Group Prepares Evacuation Plans Upon Mandela’s Death

Prof. Daan Wybenga, 69, was found dead after being tortured to death in his house in Clarens.
His body was so badly mutilated that his son, Mr. Wim Wybenga, 37, could only recognise him by his hands.
Daan Wybenga was a well-known author. He was murdered with boiling water and plastic bags. (Praag.org)

The forgotten genocide:
** 4041 White Farmers have been murdered in South Africa
** 68,768 Afrikaners have been murdered

Today, a section of the white population is preparing evacuation plans for when Mandela passes away.
Russia Today reported, via Free Republic:


A section of the white population in South Africa is preparing for the worst scenario in case aging former South African President Nelson Mandela passes away. The national evacuation plan over possible genocide was drafted almost a decade ago.

Since Mandela’s was elected South Africa’s first black president in 1994 after spending 27 years in prison for actively opposing the segregationist policies of apartheid in the country, Afrikaners say over 3,000 white farmers have been murdered in revenge for the suppression enforced by its own National Party. Afrikaners say the government has never shown much desire to investigate the deaths.

And now as Mandela is in and out of hospital at age 95, Afrikaners and their supporters are preparing for the worst upon his death.

The Suidlanders is a right-wing group spread across the country devising a national evacuation plan should violence occur.

“We have the guidance, love and mercy of an Almighty Father, who supports us in the execution of His mission,” the group says on its website. “Therefore, the Suidlanders stand grateful, humble and prepared with faith, hope and love for our people, for a period of anarchy.”

Maybe some day the mainstream media will report on this carnage?

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