Ugh! TSA Rolls Out ‘Detention Pods’ to Hold Passengers Before They Can Exit Airport

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Another waste of taxpayer dollars for “security theater” and more government tyranny and control. Taxpayers are footing a $60 million dollar tab for “detention pod” doors in the Syracuse airport. The Government Accountability Office already posted a report finding the TSA wasted $900 million on a useless screening program.

A few problems to consider for this latest waste of taxpayer money. Recently airport citizens—along with the TSA AGENTS—were running to escape gun fire at LAX. So what would happen when lives depend on exiting quickly and people get stuck or bottle-necked into these exit pods? The article also mentions the traveler cannot re-enter the airport once they leave. So what about the scenario in which a traveler cannot fit multiple kids and/or luggage into the pod and may need to re-enter the airport to escort everything or everyone through the doors? Are the pods compliant with the government standards for handicapped travelers in wheelchairs (who need someone to push them)?

Typical that government interference will break something that isn’t broken, and the government fix to causing more problems will be to break it some more.

The DailyMail reports the following:

Not content with the tight security in place at many of the nations airports, the TSA is now funding the roll-out of exit pods at major airport terminals across the country.

The pods temporarily detain passengers before they are allowed to leave.

Travelers are forced through the pods as the leave the airport terminal before a robotic voice gives instructions to wait inside the pod until a green light is shown and the door opens.

Once travelers exit the pods, they are unable to re-enter the terminal.

The pods have already been installed at  Syracuse International Airport as part of a $60 million dollar  renovation.

There are plans for the pods to be installed  at other major airports soon.

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