SICK… L.A. Teacher Guilty Of Blindfolding Children And Feeding Them Semen

Mark Berndt

A Los Angelos teacher at Miramonte Elementary has plead no contest to 23 charges related to molesting 30 children by blindfolding them and spoon feeding the children his semen.  Mark Berndt, 63, was a teacher at the school for 30 years and is to be sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Miramonte Elementary serves a poor, predominately Hispanic neighborhood, more than half of its approximately 1,400 students are still learning English. Berndt photographed the children he blindfolded and fed them his semen on a spoon or cookies topped with semen. He told the children they were playing “tasting games”.

Despite the mutiple complaints filed against Berndt while he was a teacher, it was not the school who brought this incident to light, instead a photo technician at drug store saw dozens of photos of blindfolded school children so he called local authorities.  Berndt’s victims are undergoing therapy, some have severe eating and social disorders since the incident occured. Dozens of lawsuits and claims have been filed on behalf of victims, 63 cases have been settled for a total of $29.5 million and 71 are pending.


Daily Mail reported:

‘He’s going to jail essentially for the rest of his life,’ he said of the 62-year-old Berndt. ‘You can’t ask for more than that.’

He said prosecutors urged a plea deal because ‘they were concerned about re-traumatizing the children at trial.’

The district attorney’s office and Berndt’s lawyer declined to comment.

Before Berndt was sentenced, a parade of sobbing mothers denounced him, saying he had ruined their lives and the lives of their daughters. The women were not named in court.

They said they could not understand how the school district did not know about the incidents.

Some said their daughters could no longer eat cookies or anything sweet unless they knew their mothers had baked the items for them. They spoke of girls who had now become unable to socialize and locked themselves in their bedrooms.

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