SHOTS FIRED AT LAX – Frantic Passengers Run Onto Tarmac …Update: Shooter Was Well Inside Secure Area…Update TSA Agent Killed, Suspect Possibly TSA Agent

Shots were fired today at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
A witness said he heard “about a dozen gunshots” from “inside the security gate” at Terminal 3
National Confidential reported:

There are reports of shooting at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

At 12:37PM eastern time the official Twitter account for LAX reported that “There is an incident underway at LAX. Law enforcement is on scene.”

ABC 7 in Los Angeles reports that a TSA official was shot at a checkpoint in LAX.

Tony Bellici tweeted a photo from the scene:
lax shooting

A man with a rifle reportedly made it past security and started firing.


A person on a stretcher was just loaded on an ambulance.

CBS Local reported that the suspect with the rifle has been shot.

More… Several passengers ran out onto the tarmac.
lax tarmac


UPDATE: An eyewitness told FOX News that the shooter was well inside the secure area.

UPDATE: LA Times sources say the suspect is a TSA agent.  The suspect shot and killed a fellow TSA agent and multiple shooting victims have been transported to the hospital. 

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