SHOCKA!… Imam Confesses to Tagging His Own Mosque With Hateful Graffiti

Another Faux Hate Crime—
A French imam confessed to tagging his own mosque in a fake hate crime.
mosque fake hate crime
Tags had caused a stir in late October. (Mark Zirnheld Archives PP)

Bare Naked Islam reported:

Le Republique – The police opened an investigation after the discovery of offensive tags made ​​of green paint on the end of October mosque Pau Avenue Buros. Written in Arabic, the graffiti appeared to the faithful to be about dealing with “infidels, hypocrites, unjust …”. The ‘crying wolf’ imam of the mosque went to the police station a few times to denounce the hateful messages.

Police indulged the mosque leader’s demand for an investigation, which led them…. nowhere. No lead had been successful until Wednesday, when the imam came to the police station to confess that, in fact, it was he who was the author of that little display of self-hatred and blamed it on the nasty infidels – in retaliation for an ongoing internal feud.

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