Parent Challenges School’s Indoctrination Lesson – Gets Stalked Online By Unhinged Teacher

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Josh Barry is a parent who challenged the curriculum of his eighth-grader as one-sided Liberal indoctrination. Instead of discussing the matter directly with Josh Barry, a teacher named Cydnee Cohen, who is also the president of the local teacher’s union chapter, contacted a Facebook friend and referred to the dad as a ‘Neo-Nazi’ along with the usual name calling of right-wing extremist meme.

Not only did the teacher attempt to impugn Barry’s reputation, but using Facebook to look up Barry’s friends and connections is additionally creepy. The audio below is of the teacher making a call to someone that knew Barry via Facebook—and digging for dirt on Barry. Is this the Obama world of snitching that we can look forward to? How ironic the teacher is calling Barry a Neo-Nazi. Maybe the teacher should look in the mirror when applying the ‘Neo-Nazi’ name calling. Isn’t this type of character assassination and snitching on neighbors something out of Hitler Germany’s history book?


The punch line to this ‘Neo-Nazi’ name calling story is the fact that Barry is Jewish and his wife is half-black in case the teacher wants to try and go for the ‘racist’ card next.

The DailyCaller reports the following:

Barry thought it was an exercise in indoctrination.

After contacting his daughter’s teacher, Barry heard back from the school’s principal. After a discussion, a friend of Barry’s relayed a voicemail she  received from another teacher named Cydnee Cohen.

Cohen, who is also the president of the local chapter of the teacher’s union  — the East Pembrook Education Association, which is part of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) — said on the voicemail, “We’re having some  problems with a parent in our school district and on his [Facebook] page you are one of his friends … but I would like to know, some of it seems like he is a neo-Nazi.”

Cohen then says, “Maybe he is Jewish, I don’t know.”

After it was confirmed that Barry is, in fact, Jewish, Cohen sent text messages to the mutual friend which read “he went to bishop mcdevitt!!” and “he is tea party right wing!” Bishop McDevitt is a nearby private Catholic high school.

“How absolutely disgusting,” Barry told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“You have a teacher who’s an officer in the union who looks at these teachers as hers,” said Barry. “Her method is to go after the concerned parent and discredit and slander them.”

Barry called Cohen’s inquisition a case of “big-time union thuggery on display.”

“She’s been taught to associate people who question authority, who raise their fist in the air who say I believe in the Constitution, or don’t indoctrinate my child, as you’re automatically a Nazi,” he said.

Read more at the here.

The Examiner explains more on the Common Core worksheet that initiated the concerns. A sample question:

“Whom do you hold most responsible for the government shutdown?”

Three guesses which answer would earn the teacher’s approval? A sample worksheet can be viewed at this link.

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