Obama to Blow Off 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – He’s Busy

lincoln gettysburg
There are actual photos of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg. There are no photos of Obama. He’s never been there. (DocStoc)

The 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is November 19, 2013.
Obama can’t make it.
He’s busy.
Real Clear Politics reported:

One person who will not be among those honoring Lincoln is President Barack Obama.

The White House gave no reason why the president would not attend.

According to the National Park Service, Obama has never visited the battlefield as president.

In 2008, Barack Obama rolled out his presidential campaign in Springfield, Ill., where Lincoln announced his own presidential candidacy. Throughout that year’s campaign, Obama’s staff embraced similarities between the two men as part of his persona; he allowed them to encourage lofty comparisons – and, after he won the election, he recreated Lincoln’s 1861 train trip to Washington as part of his own inaugural spectacle.

He even took the oath of office on Lincoln’s Bible – twice.

Lincoln brought the country to a revival at an unlikely time with his address. He gave new meaning to the definition of sacrifice in service to the country, for the purpose of the preserving the country.

Lincoln was asked to speak here only as an afterthought. The request for Obama to speak has been sought for more than a year.

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