Obama Offers One Year “Fix” to O-Care – Until 2014 Election Is Over

Barack Obama to the Rescue!
delay accomplished
Sooper Mexican

Barack Obama offered a one year “fix” to Obamacare today.
Those people who lost their plans can keep them for a year… Until the 2014 election is over.
He was a half hour late for the press conference.

President Obama:

“The rollout has been rough so far… The numbers yesterday mean Americans want affordable health care… Americans who have plans before the Care Act can keep those plans. Today we expand that… Insurers can extend those plans until 2014… I will not accept plans that wish to repeal the whole law… It’s important that we’re hones and straight forward… The Affordable Care Act is going to work for the American people.”

Then after 2014 Americans will lose their plan again.
Funny, the president forgot to attack the bad apple insurance companies today.

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