NY Assemblyman Targets ‘Knockout Game’ With 25 Year Penalty (Video)

New York Assemblyman James Tedisco proposed legislation this week that would stiffen penalties for “knockout” attacks by “punks.” Tedisco’s bill would make the violent game a gang assault with a sentence of up to 25 years.
CBS Local reported:

CBS Albany reported:

Assemblyman James Tedisco proposes stiffening penalties for assaults that are committed by “punks” who treat it as a game when they sucker punch people without warning and try to knock them unconcious.

“Killing or injuring a person with one punch is no game and the state’s criminal penalties to prosecute these dastardly individuals should not be a joke,” said the Glenville republican in a news release. Tedisco says Senator Hugh Farley is a co-sponsor of the Knockout Assault Deterrent Act, which he said was being drafted Thursday.

It would provide for sentences of up to twenty-five years and would eliminate the availablility of youthful offender status for convicts. Tedisco wants to hold liable any person who takes part in such a crime, not only those who do the punching.

The so-called game has been around for years but police in several states have been seeing a spike in these types of assaults.

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