Unhinged MSNBC Host Alec Baldwin Accused of Perjury

Alec Baldwin – A Perfect Match for MSNBC–
alec baldwin

MSNBC host Alec Baldwin is accused of lying under oath in a criminal trail in New York City.

A man who Alec Baldwin pointed to as the reason why he met his alleged stalker is now speaking out and says that the actor is using his name to hide his affair.

Baldwin appeared in a Manhattan court today as part of the trial against his alleged stalker, Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin, denying that they ever had a romantic relationship as she claims.

‘(Baldwin) was screwing two women. One of them is his present wife and the other one, I presume, he was doing the girl in question,’ Bregman told The New York Daily News.

Bregman is outraged at the accusations that Baldwin made in court because it calls his own 25-year marriage to his wife Cornelia into question.

‘I’ll never talk to him again,’ Bregman told The New York Post.

Will the District Attorney launch an investigation into this damning allegation? Will MSNBC? Or is it still permissible for progressive liberals to lie under oath about sex?



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