MIC CHECK!… Former MSNBC Host And #Occupy Supporter Dumped By Health Insurance Company

Former MSNBC host and public supporter of the violent Occupy movement, Dylan Ratigan, took to Twitter last night to lament that he lost his health insurance thanks to Obamacare.

“Thnx Mr. President”
ratigan dumped
Wow! Dylan sounds just like one of those racist homophobic bigot Tea Partiers his broadcast alma mater, MSNBC, is always talking about.

Mr Ratigan goes on to say:

It turns out Dylan liked his insurance, but can’t keep it.

This is all a far cry from Dylan’s Occupy Wall Street ‘mic checking’ days!

That’s okay, Dylan. We won’t hold your previous lapses in judgment against you. Now get to work repairing the damage the institutional left has unleashed against anyone who’s tried to warn people about the pain you are now feeling. You took a paycheck from them so you kinda owe us.

UPDATE: (By Jim Hoft) Suck it up, chump, and pay your fair share.

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