‘Meathead’ Rob Reiner and Bill Maher: Obama Is a Moderate Sort of Like Reagan (Video)

So Reagan was a committed socialist?
HBO host Bill Maher and friends, including “Meathead” actor-director Rob Reiner and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, agreed that Democrats have “moved to the middle” and Obama is sort of a moderate like Ronald Reagan.

Keep telling yourself that, libs.

NewsBusters has the transcript:


BILL MAHER, HOST: I’m just saying the Democrats have moved to the middle.


MAHER: Unfortunately, the other people have moved way over there. So now the middle isn’t the middle anymore.

ROB REINER: Obama right now, where Obama is is right around where Reagan was, right around where Nixon was. There, he’s no more left than those, those, those Republicans.

MAHER: Hardly a socialist. He’s barely, barely a liberal.

REINER: No, as Bob Dole said, he could not get…

MAHER: Right.

REINER: …anywhere in this Republican Party. And so Obama’s right around where Bob Dole is. They’re very similar, you know? There’s not much of a difference there.

MAHER: Whenever they say, “Oh, he’s the most radical president ever,”

REINER: No, no, no, no.

MAHER: …right, because they’re such experts on history. What they mean is, “He’s black.” That’s what’s the most radical thing about him.

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