Today’s Jaw-Dropper… Michelle Obama Tells Supporters: We Don’t Believe in Handouts and Free Rides

Michelle Obama had the gall to tell supporters in New York City this week,
“We don’t believe in handouts. We don’t think anyone should get a free ride,”

That’s ALL they believe in is handouts and redistribution:

** Barack Obama has created two new food stamp recipients for every job created.
** number of Americans on disability now exceeds the number of people in New York City.
** Under Obamacare the Congressional Budget Office projects that nine million Americans would be added to Medicaid’s rolls in 2014.
** 43% of Americans don’t pay income tax.
** Under Obama the US government now redistributes two trillion dollars a year.
** And, the Obamacare redistribution plan will offer free insurance to millions while spiking costs for working Americans.

If there’s one thing the Obamas believe in, it’s handouts and redistribution.
michelle obama spain
Michelle Obama vacationing in Europe on the taxpayer’s dime.


Via The Last Tradition:

Washington Examiner reports the president has dispatched first ladyMichelle Obama to rally Democrats around his beleaguered Obamacare which she has boiled down to one religious phrase: “There but for the grace of God go I.”

At a New York City fundraiser for Senate Democrats Monday, the first lady opened with a long defense of Obamacare, suggesting her audience lives by the principle that everyone should have insurance.

“We don’t believe in handouts. We don’t think anyone should get a free ride,” she said Monday afternoon in a speech at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers.

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