Horrible. GOP Abandoned Cuccinelli in Final Days of Campaign

cuccinelli wave

According to a campaign strategist, the GOP withdrew support from Ken Cuccinelli in early October. FOX News reported the GOP gave 3 million to Cuccinelli but gave 9 million to the GOP candidate in 2009.
Breitbart reported:

A campaign strategist for Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli said that the national GOP abandoned the campaign in its final days.

At the end of the race, Cuccinelli was closing in on Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who eked out a two-point victory on Tuesday despite exit polls that showed McAuliffe was up by seven points.

According to the Washington Post, Chris La Civita said that financial support from national Republican sources dried up on October 1.

“There are a lot of questions people are going to be asking and that is, was leaving Cuccinelli alone in the first week of October, a smart move?” La Civita said after Cuccinelli’s concession speech, according to the Post. “We were on our own. Just look at the volume [of ads].”

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