Hilarious! GOP State Rep. Hands Sebelius “Web Sites for Dummies” Book at Memphis Stop

Republican senator in Tennessee hands Kathleen Sebelius the book, “Web Sites for Dummies.”
Via Bill Hobbs:
sebelius dummies
Via Mara Zebest

National Journal reported on the exchange, via Free Republic:

Speaking at a library in Memphis as part of an effort to encourage healthcare sign ups in the city, Sebelius said she didn’t know where that figure came from and that the government doesn’t have “reliable enrollment figures yet.”

“I don’t pay a lot of attention to these early reports, because the system was flawed,” she said, adding that the flaws were partly because of demand. “This is month one. We’re in football season now, and this is the first quarter. A lot of folks want to declare game over. I don’t know where those figures came from, but we’ll be giving out comprehensive figures once a month.”

…In the crowd was Republican state Sen. Brian Kelsey, the sponsor of a bill to block Medicaid expansion in Tennessee scheduled to be heard in January. He tried to give Sebelius a copy of the book “Websites for Dummies,” which she appeared to hold briefly.

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