AWFUL. Harvard Prof Ogletree Lashes Out at ‘Bigot’ Andrew Breitbart – Defends Oprah’s Racist Remarks (Video)

Harvard professor Charles Ogletree lashed out at “bigot” Andrew Breitbart tonight on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Ogletree then defended Oprah Winfrey who described America as a racist nation last week while promoting her film in London.

Bill O’Reilly: Is there one legitimate news organization anywhere that used race to attack Barack Obama? One?

Charles Ogletree: A lot of them.

O’Reilly: Give me one.

Ogletree: A lot of them… You call Breitbart a kook and what he had to say before he passed away?

Andrew Breitbart confronted the NAACP on its own inherent racism.
Ogletree believes this made Breitbart a racist.
What a disgusting man.

Via The Factor:

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