GOP Spent $9 Million in 2009 in Virginia – Only Spent $3 Million in 2013 to Help Cuccinelli

GOP Screwed the Cooch–
In 2009, the GOP spent more than $9 million in Virginia to elect Bob McDonnell.

cuccinelli wave

However, the GOP only spent $3 million in Virginia this election cycle.
The GOP released this statement this morning.

Here’s a look at Virginia:

  • The RNC spent $3 million to support Ken Cuccinelli and the Republican ticket, while building the party’s presence in Virginia.
  • In getting out the vote for Cuccinelli and the Republican ticket, we tested our new precinct-based voter contact model.
  • Precinct Teams, led by Precinct Captains, canvassed neighborhoods using RNC data and new technology.
  • This allowed for a more decentralized approach: individuals could focus on neighborhoods with which they were familiar.
  • By October, we already had twice as many data points as we did at the same point in 2012.
  • We had 50 offices, which was more than 2012.
  • We had 60 staff on the ground, on par with 2012.

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