Disgusting… Tom Brokaw: People In Conservative States Wanted Kennedy Shot …(Southern States Voted for Kennedy)

What is it about liberals? They can’t get up in the morning without attacking conservative Americans.
Take former NBC anchor and media lapdog Tom Brokaw, for example.
Today Brokaw told an MSNBC panel the conservative states “wanted Kennedy shot.”

Maybe Tom forgot Kennedy’s killer was a communist.
Via NewsBusters:

Transcript via NewsBusters:


Brokaw: I was a reporter in Omaha. I was the morning news editor. I did the cut-ins for the Today show on the noon news, and it was kind of an exhausting schedule, about nine hours… And I said, “Kennedy was shot.” And he said , “About time somebody shot that S.O.B.” That was heard in other places, mostly in the conservative states. But he was, that was reflecting his real feeling, and they had to peel me away from him. I then ran back up and continued to work.

For the record… Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana all voted for Kennedy in the 1960 election.

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