Dem Thought Leaders Begin Push for Marxist Elizabeth Warren As 2016 Candidate

Committed Marxist Elizabeth Warren, the phony American Indian, splashed onto the scene in 2011 with her famous rant on redistribution economics.

Warren is a firm believer in redistribution and social justice and so she is very popular with the new Democrat Party leaders.

Now, even The New Republic, a popular far left magazine, is propping Warren up as the next big thing.
new republican warren

This is interesting. There was a time when Democrats would hide the Marxists in their midst. Today they make them their leaders.
The Examiner reported:

A new edition of the left-leaning magazine The New Republic imagines Hillary Clinton’s political “nightmare” as a crowd of people holding up Elizabeth Warren masks.

The Image, an homage to the original promotional poster for the film “Being John Malkovich,” will run with the tagline, “A Democratic Party that realizes its soul lies with Elizabeth Warren instead.”

Clinton, who is weighing a bid for president in 2016, is widely viewed among Democrats as the party’s logical nominee should she run. Unlike in 2008, when then-Sen. Barack Obama was making overtures about a serious bid for the presidency, no apparent Democratic challengers to Clinton have yet emerged.

And, while some progressive Democrats have pointed to Warren as a potential alternative to Clinton, the senator from Massachusetts has denied any interest in running for president.

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