Chicago Woman Pulls Octogenarian From His Car & Beats Him Bloody After He Stops to Help Her

What a lovely girl.
Sophia Brady dragged an 82 year-old Good Samaritan from his car and beat and stabbed him after he pulled over to help her and accidentally dinged her car.
sophia brady
‘I beat the f**k out of him’: Sophia Body is being held on $2 million bail after admitting to the brutal beating of an elderly man. (Daily Mail)

Via The Last Tradition:

Daily Mail reports a 28-year-old Chicago woman has allegedly admitted she dragged an 82-year-old man from his car and ‘beat the f*** out of him’ because he bumped her vehicle.

Sophia Body has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery of a senior citizen after the incident, which occurred Thursday night in the city’s Grand Crossing neighborhood.

Authorities responded to the 900 block of East 79th Street after witnesses reported a battery in progress.

They arrived to find the octogenarian bleeding from the right side of the head and suffering from lacerations to his back, police said.

Body allegedly admitted she beat the elderly man, who hasn’t been named, because he gently hit her car after he pulled over to help her.

‘Yeah, I pulled his a** out of the car and beat the f**k out of him,’ she told officers, according to a police report cited by the Chicago Tribune.

The alleged victim told officers he pulled over after two women flagged him down. He said he dinged the woman’s car by mistake.

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