Actor Was Hired to Make Obama Look Presidential – A Decade Before He Was Elected

lennix prez
Harry Lennix

The biggest fairy tale ever…
Chicago radio host Eric “Mancow” Muller claimes on Friday that actor Harry Lennix was hired to make Obama look presidential a decade before he was elected president.
The Examiner reported:

Chicago radio host Eric ‘Mancow’ Muller claimed during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show Friday that actor Harry Lennix told him he was hired to train Barack Obama how to look and act presidential more than a decade before Obama was elected president. Lennix, a Chicago native, is best known for his role as General Swanwick in the recent Superman: Man of Steel movie, and for his role as White House Chief of Staff in the ABC television series Commander in Chief.

Muller, who knew Obama in Chicago years before he was elected president, said on Alex Jones radio show that Lennix told him that, “He was the actor hired to teach Obama to be Harry Lennix, watch The Blacklist and you can see Obama, this is an actor that we hired to be our president.”

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