Actor Antonio Banderas Praises Marxist Hugo Chavez – Calls for Nationalizing Businesses

Another Hollywood Marxist.
banderas chavez

Actor Antonio Banderas praised dead Marxist Hugo Chavez and called for nationalizing businesses.
Really, Antonio? Hugo Chavez?
FOX Nation and Breitbart reported:

In an interview with CNN en Español’s Ana Pastor, actor Antonio Banderas lamented the power corporations have over political structures, arguing that government takeovers of corporations, “like Chavez did,” are the only solution.
“What other way is there?” the actor asked.

The interview, for Pastor’s program Face to Face this November, touched on topics from his acting work to family life, but it is Banderas’ political comments that are triggering a firestorm of criticism on the internet. Echoing the sentiments of the Occupy movement, Banderas tells Pastor that “you get the sense lately that, possible, in the whole world, we are not being governed by the people we voted for,” indicating that corporations are running governments. He additionally laments that the “lobbies” and corporate interests he believes are running these governments “don’t have to show their face” regardless of the consequences of their actions.

Having stated the problem, Pastor asked Banderas for a solution. “You break it like Chavez did in his time,” he responds. “You say, ‘the topic is over. I’m taking all these corporations and nationalizing them.'” He concludes asking, “What other way out is there?” He continues his praise for Chavez by calling this century a “post-democratic era,” and lamenting the inevitable corporate corruption of President Barack Obama. Noting that people expected a change upon his election, Banderas adds that he never had hope: “I said ‘no, no, no,’ because he is going to encounter reality.'”

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